Dear Seymour:-

I have made a grievous error in filling Mr. Johnson's order. I had already written my name, in my best manner, at the foot of my contribution, which is the prefatory Note, when I realized that you wanted the signature on the title page. A generous impulse then seized me, and I signed again. Then it struck me, with a sickening sense, that I had given two signatures at the price of one; for since only one was ordered, I could not hope to collect for two. I am out of pocket to the extent of 75 cents and I don't know what to do about it. Were I to purchase a new book, my losses would be still greater.

It is unfortunate that this worry should be heaped upon me now, for I am engaged in writing a series of lectures for the University of Nebraska - very wise, very profound lectures; and I need all my brain power for the task.

THE SONG OF THE INDIAN WARS will appear in April. I hear that the first (de luxe edition) is about sold out. Ten days ago over two-thirds of it was gone. 750 copies at 7.50 per! So there is at least $5,625 worth of love for me in this world. However, I shall never see the $5,625.

Many thanks for publishing the article about my new book. I appreciate that.


Jno. Neihardt (Doctor John G.)

I was lately elected a companion of the Order of Indian Wars of the U.S. There are not only living heroes - my own heroes - in that order. There are ghostly heroes, and Custer is one of them.

After figuring several hours I find that by purchasing a new book, my losses would amount to $2 25!


It has occurred to me that you may say something about the de luxe edition of the WARS in the STEPLADDER. For that reason, I want you to know some details. It will be printed on handmade Japanese vellum; cover design, and papers and fifteen full page drawings in colors; initial letters; boxed. Good enough to eat with cream! Macmillan's description recently sent me sounds like a recipe for the wedding cake of a Duchess.

I don't know that you'll want this; and I am not even hinting that you should run anything on it at all. Just giving you the dope for fear you might want it.


Books have arrove.

All by Allen True the mural painter