Dear Comrade:-

I have the copy of the Herald. The whole thing is perfectly wonderful. I'm eager to know about the location and character of the monument. Your feeling about the location was right, but there is that strong pull towards the normal. I could not forget that easily, because of the Conns and you. As a matter of fact, the Normal, to me, means Conn and House.

The Friends and Glass in the M.R.S. sold slightly over 3,000 copies last year, which is certainly an encouraging advance. That would mean more than one hundred new schools - probably as much as two hundred. It's really an excellent gain. Just the same, I feel certain that a far greater gain could be made next year if the matter were properly pushed - pushed as many a younger company would push. Macmillans are slow and dignified. I suppose that, in the long run, there is a solid advantage in dignity and all that. But more could be done with dignity and all that. But more could be done with dignity, I'm sure. I do wish you could have a pow wow with the head of the Educational Department - face to face.

Isn't it rather funny that we do not know what schools are using the book? Shouldn't we know? It would make a fine list.

The three new books, appearing within nine months, may well make a great difference all around.

Lots of love,


Good times coming for us!

Please ask Herald (by phone) to mail a copy of July 30 issue to Judge D.M.Vinzenhaler 1st Nat. Bank Bldg Omaha
Who follows you in in English Dept. at Wayne?
Branson Aug 3 12am Mo.1925

United States Postage 2 Cents 2

Dr. J.T. House, Wayne, Nebraska.