Dear Comrade:-

I know your enthusiasm and personality would get into the Macmillan people, and I believe you have done a great deal of good. All five of your points are important, very much so, and I do hope that all of them may be worked out. You are now personally acquainted with Lathan and Brown and can go direct to them. It's much better that way, and they will know with whom they are dealing when they hear from you. I count your visit a valuable asset to the Scheme.

I. As to the Notes from the WARS, I suppose these will not be needed short of a year, but it would be a good idea to have them going as you have leisure and inclination.

II. Was it the idea that Latham would choose names of newspaper was who would be most likely to fall in with the idea of an article or a series on my stuff? Now that the rush season is over, I should think the chance for articles would be pretty good.

III. I am especially glad that they want to see the revised. "Man and Poet". It is necessary that this should be published in the regular way soon, since my Collected Poems will appear within the year. There are, undoubtedly, a great many people who would be strong for my stuff if they knew it. I have never had the back of cliques, and have had no social contacts where reputations are manufactured. Consequently, my time has been delayed. This is well, in the long run; but the run should not be too long, for I am too human not to care about reaching people. I see something of what I kow will be the good fortune of the stuff in the future. Your MAN AND POET will help to fix the form of the legend. It is very important.

When do you think you can submit the MS?

IV. And if you only could get out on the road with the poems! I think this will come about. I should expect the arrangement and the success to be such as to make you good financial return. You would have so many chances to do real good to English teachers, aside from your work for my stuff.

This should not be until the Wars also is in school edition.

V. Of course their faces glowed. Your enthusiasm is infectious. It would be so with the majority of school men and women everywhere.

Yes, the two House packages arrived, and both Mona and Sigurd have written. Enid too, I think. Sig was genuinely delighted with the honest-to-goodness camping axe! For a wonder he puts it away very carefully after using.

How bully that you three could go to New York together! You must have had a joyous lime.

Your love and loyalty are among the few wonders of my life. I do not understand, but I am very glad that you happened to me.

And I love you too.


The biggest thing for early consideration is Man and Poet. Will you make a new outline for the book, using the present book as material to be fitted into the new plow? You can make a fine thing, and with Macmillans as publishers, you would win a place in the open.

I was truly delighted to hear of Homer's success. I wrote [?] at once.

I'm off Jan 10th for a ten days reading trip, which should make me safe until probably March.