Dear Comrade:-

I've been wrestling with myself as to whether or not I should be present at Wayne on the 19th, and I'm convinced that I should not be there. If I could only be there to you and there to no one else! There are sincere friends of my work who, if I were to go, would carry away in the backs of their heads an impression of cheapness in my nature which is not there at all. I would seem to be something of a complacent donkey, at bottom. If I'm not there, such thoughts can not arise. It will be as though I were dead. You know, Doctor, that I would willingly spend the rest of my life in seclusion working out the scheme and never hearing applause. I'd want reports from the outside, showing that my stuff was getting to people - but that's all. I'm deeply glad of the fact that this could be done in Wayne; but it couldn't be done for me. It's for my stuff; and my stuff will be there in full force.

I have half a notion to send my mother up for the good it would do her, and as a compensation for many thing. I have a ticket to Omaha that she could use.

I am certain now that the Messiah will begin with cooler weather, and if I'm not too greatly hindered by trips, I should have the poem completed in a year.

In sending the article to The Saturday Review, I think you should give your new college. I note that most of the writers are professors in college and that the college is always given.

Some time ago I sent you some data on the various epics, mostly the minor ones. Perhaps you could use some of it. Some suggestion as to the volume of the work might be interesting, as, for instance, the fact that the portion of the cycle now completed is almost exactly the length of the Aeneid. The comparisons I suggested with the lesser epics, both as to length and as to national significance, might work in nicely without taking much space.

But it's a shame to urge all this, under the circumstances, for you must be ragged. You'll know what is possible.

Lots of love, good Comrade!


Jones Book Store should have a supply of the trade edition, which I have not seen. Mrs. Matthews had copies over two weeks ago. Jones might want to wire an order.

Second thought. Trade edition on sale in Wayne might interfere with sale of remaining copies of de luxe. Better say nothing


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United States Postage 1 1/2 Cent 1 1/2

Dr. Julius T. House Wayne, Nebraska.