Dear Comrade:-

I have received a long letter from Mama, telling all that she could them remember of the great day. Also, Judge V. wrote me as soon as he reached his office. I have seen the dispatches to the World-Herald, Bee, State Journal and Sioux City Journal, together with the editorials by Newbranch and Locke. Grant stuff - the greatest sort of stuff imaginable. I can't make it seem as though it's about me; it seems about someone else. But I rejoice. I like what both Locke and Newbranch said in substance. That broader, impersonal significance is the right one, without any doubt. You know that about leaving "great verse unto a little clan". The point is that great verse can not be left to any sort of clan but a great one. That's why the monument must be for all of us who know that poetry is a social event when it happens.

Mama seemed in a rapture, and I suppose we shall have to wait until we see her to get it all. Judge said, among other fine things and true; "Dr. House has enough executive ability to run anything if he were interested". *** I've just glanced at his letter again, and what he says is that you have executive ability enough to run the universe, if you could only be interested. He was evidently deeply impressed with your management of the affair and the brilliant success of it. So was Mama, I can tell you.

Gosh! Wasn't it perfectly corking!

in their editorial

Now I'll have to make the MESSIAH the best of them all. I can't do it by trying, though; just as a result of deeper faith in people.

It seems that the trade edition is now published at last. Anyway, my sister in Minneapolis has it at Powers' Book Section there, and today I have received six copies. So she's off! I'll be glad to see what the "Critics" say about it! Someone ought to do the International Book Review. I think I'll speak to Wier. I don't want to log-roll, but I do want somebody to write about the book who has some background. Relatively few "critics" have any. Many a chap will judge in four and a half minutes what I work over for four and a half years, with a long apprenticeship behind me. But there are the others, thank goodness.

That was most remarkable about Sharpsburg, Ill., wasn't it? Astonishing! I have no acquaintances there, though I do remember someone from there having written me appreciatively some years ago. Don't remember who it was. Do you know how they happened to write? Did you start that too?

The whole thing sounds far off and incredible.

I love you, best of comrades.

Every kind thought for Mrs. H. Both Judge and mama speak of being entertained "royally".