Jan 20, [1925]
I'll be at home Friday, the 23rd.
Dear Comrade:

Many thanks for the special delivery - also for the bully letter from you rec'd ℅ the judge.

Finest of success at Omaha. They made me give two complete programs in one evening.

I'm delighted to know that you are working again on the Book. Best of luck this time! I too believe in it - did before, & was surprised at the publishers, tho', of course, I couldn't know what was in demand.

Yes, I'd like the other letters. Will go after the bunch with a will + send all back together.

I have no suggestions as to your Guild speech on me. You'll know what to say. I wish I could sneak around + hear without your being aware of my presence.

I think you are quite right about Alexander + also in what you say of the World-Herald. It's God damn small business, I think. I've seen + felt practically what you mention.

I have not the least dread of Alexander under any circumstances. He will not act in my presence, and, furthermore, many are on to him. I admire much in him but fear he's an envious man. I have many faults, but envy is not one of them. I have never envied anyone, being what I must be + doing what I have undertaken to do.

Alexander has praised me highly on several occasions; but my known friendliness to Scott + Sherman + Avery will make a difference. Well, I'll tell anyone I like Avery. I have felt his warmth + essential bigness, and that's all I need.

Doctor, I've won now, for I do not count winnings as most do. My Collected Poems is sufficient justification for one little man's life. I can no longer be defeated. If I have potential enemies, they may shoot + be damned. There is a future that will love me a little at least. That's sure.

Lots of love,

Central City Jan 20 1130AM 1925 Nebr.

United States Postage 2 Cents 2

Dr. J.T. House Wayne, Nebraska