Dear Comrade:-

I need not tell you that I was made happier by your letter. It's good to know that you find things much as they should be there, and that you are to be among men who don't have to four-flush. That's most of the battle for you, since you have the stuff and then some. You only need to be fully appreciated. I'm glad you were asked to make the opening address; that gave you the opportunity of letting them feel you. I'm glad you are in Montgomery, since you are happy to be there, but it makes me lonesome to think that I can not find you in my occasional jaunts through Nebraska. But then, we'll meet.

The heat has been terrific here, and I've been fussing over miles of proof. I'm not in a making mood, but shall be, as I can feel the thing stirring. I must look forward to that October trip, which is not calculated to make me feel creative. It's just as well that I should moult awhile, anyway.

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A columnist in the N.Y. Herald-Tribune says derned if he doesn't believe I've gone and written the great American epic. Means to be complimentary, but is apparently laboring under the American necessity of seeming witty. Says something about the scholiasts of the future arguing as to whether or not I ever existed. Really a complimentary thing; but damn the fashion of stooping to the roughneck. Let the roughneck raise corn, if he can, and have a good dinner, and a good bed. The democratic notion sickens me more and more. It has simply come to mean that everyone should stoop to the lowest. But why rave about it?

I'm bats to hear that your article has been taken by the

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Saturday Review!

If it appears, I'll have Macmillan reprint it all and scatter it over the country.

Did you see Mott's spiel in Sept. Bookman? Very good, and kind. But I feel that he fears the authoritative ones,

And who are they?
and writes in the interest of his own safety. A man of no whole-souled convictions. Secretly his conviction is much greater than his representations of it. I dislike that sort of thing. Praise faintly, but praise; then, if the mind blows the right way, one may point with pride to his foresight. if the wind should blow the other way, no harm done. It's such a human trait. You have never been like that. You "hollered" when to "holler" seemed foolish to your associates. O well, it will be nice in heaven!

How happy you must be with your family all together! And then, to have Mary not very far away, when she does have to go. Give her and Mrs. House every kind thought from us.

And love to you, dearest and best of comrades!

Mama returned a little while ago, and she has been telling us all the lesser details of the unveiling. It has been fine to hear; and I marvel still more at the achievement, considering the mass of duties you had to contend with at the same time. Few men would have undertaken so much. Fewer could have put it all over.


Don't worry in the least as to the Messiah being delayed. It will be my best, for it gives me just the medium of expression I need now. It will come strong.