Dear Comrade:-

I've asked Macmillans to send you their Fall Announcement catalog. It contains notices of my two books, but that is not why I'm sending it. I want you to note what is said about the new and greatly enlarged trade edition of the Modern Readers' Series. Note that it's edited by Thorndike. I have agreed to let them include FRIENDS - GLASS. This is a pocket edition for the public that is not reached by the regular trade editions and is to be promoted in a special way. I suppose, of course, that you will be named as editor of my volume. The school edition is to go on in the schools, and they assure me that it will be pushed steadily.

Gosh, I hope Sat. Review will take your article! If you were a smart alec and not a genuine appreciator, there'd be little reason to doubt. But, as it is, the thing may go through. I do want it to go through.

Everything going finely. I'm still reading proof by the mile. Must make an extended trip in October, beginning when, I don't know yet. I am too uneasy, as a result, to write the opening lines of the MESSIAH; but they are there, and I'll be truly happy when the thing starts.

Lots of love,


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Dr. Julius T. House New River State School Montogmery, West Virginia