Dear Comrade:-

Here a list:

  • *Herman Melville: Moby Dick
  • *Dana: Two Years Before the Mast
  • Arthur S. Hildebrand: Magellan (a romantic biography)
  • *William Clark Russell: John Hadsworth, Chief Mate.
  • Alfred Noyes: Drake. Frederick A. Stokes & Co., N.Y.
  • *Frederick Marryat. Mr. Midshipman Easy.
  • Masefield: Dauber. Macmillan
  • L. Frank Tooker. The Middle Passage. Century Co.
    (stirring sea tale)
  • #Stevenson: Kidnapped
  • G.K. Chesterton: The Ballad of the White Horse.
    separate volume the heroic mood
    Lepanto. The Last Hero. (The last two in volume entitled "Poems") John Lane CO., N.Y. publishes his stuff in America.

Those marked * can all be had in Everyman's Library, E.P. Dutton & CO., N.Y., I think. It would be surer to order from Brenatno's, N.Y., stating that you want the cheapest edition available. # can be gotten in Macmillan's Pocket Classics (48 cents). Here is another one overlooked when I copied the list. It is a very fine thing for stories of heroism in exploration on land:

Henry Newbolt: The Book of the Long Trail. Longmans, Green & Co., N.Y.

I have not seen the "Magellan" listen above, but it must be a perfect corker. The material itself is so wonderful that I doubt if anyone could really spoil it. And the fact that a man would choose to write of Magellan would seem to indicate some ability to appreciate hte magic that is in the stuff. I'm going to have it right away.

The above will hold you for a while. If you want to an extended list, I can make one at any time, and I'd love to do it. But there's bully stuff in the above. I like the way you are apparently going after those youngsters. Learning can be made a great joy, and so often it's made dull.

Endless love,


This done in a great hurry, off-hand can go deeper with a little thought. Wanted to hurry.