Dear Comrade:-

Heck, no! Not a prof. in two departments at the same time! Alexander's idea has to connect me with his dept. instead of with English. I don't know what relation the desire might bear to the fact of guerilla warfare existing, or at least rumored, between English and Philosophy. Anyway, no matter. I don't feel dead sure I'd accept a call, though I might under the proper circumstances - that is, if too much were nt not asked of me in the way of routine. Alex. suggested two or three classes a week in "Poetics" and perhaps a class in early Western History, based on my researches - for the epics. Might do. But what will be will be. I would have to see less money worry and plenty of time for my real work. They ought to give me that.

If they should call me, it would be to the English Dept., I should think. Judge V. was in Lincoln the other day and inquired all around concerning the effect of my lectures. Seems to have been fairly flattering. O well!

Sailing on with the MESSIAH. 25 lines. When I reach the end of first part I will send you a copy. This is the big one, I think.

What you say of your classes in Lit. makes a hit with me. Lucky kids! They'll not know how good it is until they hit some university. Maybe they won't know until they begin to get old. But they'll be innoculated, just the same.

If you want to do a full length article on The Epic of the West for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, I think they'd let you. I received the enclosed from the Lit. Ed. thereof the other day. He believes. If you want to do a page, illustrated, perhaps, why not write a Robertus Love, asking for the job, and pointing out the fact that you are the editor of the school editions and know what you're talking about?

Nov. 5, [?]

You could let yourself go and say just what's in you. St. Louis is the proper place for such an article to appear, since it was the mother of the movements I celebrate.

I have no doubt that we are having your weather here - soft, springlike.

Keep my posted on the progress of your book. I do want it to make a splash and get you going right on other things. Yes, Wayne took a lot out of you, most certainly. But you did great good undoubtedly.

I had a nice time at Sherman's home in Lincoln. I am fond of him. I really felt at home there.

Kindest thoughts for Mrs. House and love to you.


I'll send a bunch of reviews one of these times. Outlook gave the book a fine boost lately.

In the Dispatch article you could play up the comparisons with other epics, Song of Roland, the [The Lusiad?] The Cid, [Nibelungenlied?], Beowulf, etc., as to length + national significance. The cycle is now the length of the whole Aeneid. The Wars is as long as the 1st 6 books etc.