envelope pm Nov 14 [1925]
Dear Comrade:

Canby, ed of The Sat. Review of Lit., has just asked me to review "Buffalo Days" by Col. Wheeler for him. This looks friendly. I expect to see your review soon, there are 3300 books in The U.S. This fall, + naturally the books that are not to be classed as "Timely" will wait on the others. At least, the big reviews have not put me off with perfunctory paragraphs, which means that the book is to receive more. I'm told that last Sunday the N.Y. Times gave the Song "much space" + that the reviewer "got of key twice". I suppose he knocked by way of showing what a hell of a poet he could be if he only cared to try. It is the "much space" that interests me, not what was said. On the other hand, The N.Y. Eve Post, Outlook, N.Y. Herald-Tribune Cleveland Plain Dealer + The Midland have said bull things. No matter either way, except as discussion is essential in gaining the attention of readers. Time is the only authoritative critic, + we are living in a ridiculous generation + country - raw, dishonest, [ignorant?] four-flushing, sex-mad, obsessed with the desire to be smart. This, of course, applying to the mass impression. There are plenty of fine spirits, but they are now almost totally helpless.

I am not doing anything for the Post-Dispatch that note referred to the cycle. I hope love will let you do a full page article. If he does, let loose + say all you want to say. St. Louis is an important strategic point for the scheme.

Judge will be down for a vacation Tuesday. He is fairly close to Alexander + perhaps he'll know something about the magazine. How I wish you could be its editor! But there is only too good reason to suppose that that crowd is not concerned with large issues. Not one of the bunch is capable of your honest dedication.

Alas, Comrade it requires a vast amount of vitality to remain hopeful in a world so little evolved! Every good thing is condemned to death on sight + can win only through the most atrocious struggle. It "pays" to be utterly like the mob. But I prefer starvation if a choice be necessary.

Lots of love, dearest + best of comrades! You know as relatively few can

Branson Nov [?]11 [?] Mo.

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Dr. Julius T. House, New River State College, Montgomery West Virginia