Dear Sterling:-

I think you're wrong in saying that THE HAWK'S NEST isn't poetry, though I know what you were driving at, and we needn't quibble. You mean it's not poetry of the sort you usually write, which is true enough. But there's plenty of poetry in THE HAWK'S NEST, just the same. I like it very much. It's not strange that Canby should want it. Many thanks for giving me a copy. You ordinarily write a very special sort of poetry, and I'm richer because you do. Nobody else can, or at least does, write that sort.

The movie option on my FRIENDS runs out day after tomorrow, and I'm wondering whether or not I am to be comparatively rich yet this week. By Saturday I may be haughty as Satan.

Since Dec. 5th I've been working on a series of lectures (three for the University of Nebraska. I'm expected to be a sort of unofficial gadfly up there, and I'm afraid I shall need a squad of policemen when I give the series. Macmillans have offered me a contract for the series. They seem eager to tie me up. The WARS should be out in the spring. They've seen a vision of fat profits in the de luxe edition, and they're scheming on it. A beautiful book is planned, surely. But I'm really little interested in the de luxe. I'm thinking of the trade edition. Did I tell you that Macmillans have contracted for a one vol. ed. of my collected stuff?

Fine California weather here now, but the Middle West has caught if this winter.

Yes, I know Jeffers, having read his volume, CALIFORNIANS. I don't know his TAMAR. Wish I could see it. Is it published?

Yours always,