Dear Comrade:-

Your Thanksgiving letter just arrived, and I'm delighted with waht you have to tell. The column ad in the New Republic almost certainly means that Macmillans know what Lovett is going to do for the WARS. That is a good sign. We may look for something extended, I feel sure. It is not that the publisher is buying an a favorable article; but, the article being in sight and very much desired, the ad follows. If Lovett turns loose on all my work, it will make a tremendous difference.

The WARS has been treated as a leading book, and the larger reviews are holding back until the rush season is over. This is shown by the fact that none of the larger reviews has put the book off with a paragraph. There have been some fine things already.

And listen to this. I asked Latham to tell me something as to how the book is going. He reported 1400 copies of the trade edition sold two weeks ago and nearly all of the deluxe edition. He added that the outlok ok is "very promising indeed". That gives me $662.50 royalties. The trade edition, as you know, was published during the second week in September. The big sale time is only about to begin, and the book won't die in a season.

I have 100 lines of the MESSIAH. Read this to Judge the other day, and he glowed like a candle in a fog. I will send the whole first part to you as soon as it is ready. That will be several weeeks from now, however.

Yes, golly how I wish you could be on the road for Macmillans. Maybe this will be possible if the WARS

Maybe I've already told you this.
and the COLLECTED POEMS score heavily, as they may. Certainly, when I see the strategic right situation, I'll open up on Macmillans about this. You'd make a killing everywhere. And you'd be happy too, I know. And I'd be happier.

POETIC VALUES was to have been issued Nov. 24th, but copies have not yet reached me.

I'd like to see that number of the REPUBLIC containing the column ad.

Endless love,


Had a dear letter from Princess Mary yesterday. We were all glad for it,

Yes I know of 'The Crimson Cloak."