Dear Comrade:

I'm genuinely eager to read any parts of your book you care to send. It will be a real pleasure, and it's good of you to share the joy of making with me. It's undoubtedly the greatest joy there is. I have plenty of time, especially this month, as I do not expect to be reviewing steadily until January, + I'm not going out on the road until the new year.

The "Phoenician" in the Saturday Review says: "I have been tooting the horn for Neihardt's Song of the Indian Wars all over the place. It's a grand piece of work". Then he goes on to praise Poetic Values, tho' I judge he hadn't yet read at thoroughly. The point is that we have an ally in the Sat. Review office. I'm crazy to see your review, which should appear soon. - And the New Republic surely there is a reason for Macmillan's advertising liberally there. I do want Lovett to go into the stuff with some thoroughness. He'd throw some light; and an appreciation of all my epic stuff by him could well be issued by Macmillan as a pamphlet.

So already your light is spreading in the new country - as I expected! Bully! You seem full of life and eager. Bully again! And O how I want your book to make a good splash!

I'm make fine progress with the Messiah.

Comrade, the world - the real world - contains fewer + fewer people for me; but you stay put, and you will not fade away. That is because of the spirit in you.

With love,


Thanks for the ad.

Branson Dec [?] MO.

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