Dear Mott:-

My work will keep me at home this winter, except for one little trip which will not take me near Iowa City. I am sorry, for I should like to see you again.

Everything is going finely here. Macmillans reported glowingly on the sale of the WARS three weeks ago, and they aren't given to glowing exactly! They are after me for another book. Proofs of the COLLECTED POEMS are due now. There will soon be a half leather pocket edition of FRIENDS-GLASS. I'm working happily on the MESSIAH.

It has struck me that I did not thank you for the papers written by your students. I was much interested. That is really the sort of thing I care about. Many thanks.

The other day they made me a member of the National Committee of the Custer Memorial Assn., which was rather thrilling.

Good luck to you in everything.

Jno. Neihardt
I am getting my copy for this