Jan 4 [1927]
Dear Mott:

That was a fine blast in BOOKS. It is honest, and I greatly admire your reserve. There is far too much falsetto in our "criticism". I shall not thank you, as we both know that this is no log-rolling bee.

I'm glad you said that about reprinting THE RIVER AND I. You are right. Of course, Macmillans would do it if I were to insist, but now I am hoping they may suggest reprinting without my saying anything about it.

I have little interest in my work here, for I see no opportunity for doing anything worthy. The column technique is not mine, as I need not tell you. I wanted to make this a really important mouthpiece for you men all over the West who have a right to express literary opinions. It was a great scheme and entirely feasible. But they want "newsy" stuff here. I may have to serve my year out, as I am bound by contract; but no more after that. Furthermore, contrary to my understanding when I agreed to come here, all my time is required in the office. That would be fatal. It is a sad affair, for the moment; and my income does not modify my happiness. I don't want as much money as I am making now - somewhere about $7500. I don't need it, even with my growing family. But I shall know how to save myself.

Yours ever,

Jno. Neihardt
I have been told by Pulitzer that my column is good, but that cheers me not at all.