[Feb. 12, 1926]
Dear Comrade:

I've finished the first part of the Messiah and am beginning on the second. Want to send you a copy soon.

I've seen the Times review of P.V. - very favorable, tho' the chap (no name signed) did not get the reason for the book. This passage from the review shows the attitude:

"In a volume of less than 150 sparsely printed pages, John G. Neihardt has presented a more comprehensive & far-seeing survey of poetic principles than many authors have been able to offer in thick and laborious tomes".

I have not yet seen Benet's review, which, it seems, appeared in a number of the Sat. Review that got lost in the mail. It must have been a strong one from what my sister, who read it, writes. No other reviews, except that Outlook praised the book briefly in a review of several volumes. Have not seen this either.

As a matter of fact, Comrade, reviewers can't get it, & so they dodge. Most reviewers are really ignorant & dishonest. They are called upon to seem wise, and what are their poor empty brain to do about it. They just lie or dodge. I do hope that men outside the reviewing profession, men with background, will tackle the book. Be one of the first of these, please, if you can find time.

Mary writes that she is trying for position near you. Bully! And she says she will be Mary House again in the new place. Bullier still! Surely she can not have been really hurt in any way by the episode. Surely at will make her stronger. How silly people are on such subjects! And what an outrage that one who is unfortunate in seeking a mate should have to guard against the blab-blab-blab of geese! Mary's episode was wholly natural & honest, and there was no evil in it. It must have been beautiful too.

I read at Springfield (Mo) Jan. 22nd. They have written to get me back in March. I'm glad.

Lots of love,

Branson [?]MO.

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Dr. J. T. House New River College Montgomery, West Virginia