Mr. John G. Neihardt, Branson, Mo.
Dear Mr. Neihardt:

In one of your recent letters, you suggested that we ought to get up a little booklet on THE SONG OF THE INDIAN WARS, and you offered to prepare the material. I would be very glad if you would do this, and will see that prompt use is made of it in our spring campaign on your work.

Sincerely yours,

H.S. Latham
Dearest Comrade:

I'll furnish the press clippings for this booklet. Would you have time to do a brief article (say 300 words) to be used in the booklet, and covering the significance of the three volumes of the cycle published, with especial emphasis on the Wars? If so, I should have the stuff very soon.

I'm jumping sidewise with my page for the Journal-Post, but am pushing Messiah too, - faster than usual. Might mention Collected Poems to be published in the Fall & comment on scope & volume thereof.


I'll answer your good letter soon. So glad Mary is Mary House again.
Latest Idea: I think, if you can write the brief article, it should be sent direct to H.S. Latham by you. I'll send the other stuff from here.
You would probably remark [in passing?] that Friends + Glass are already "classics" spreading widely in the schools