Dear Comrade:

I'm sorry I asked you to do that brief article for the booklet. I find it won't be necessary, as the press stuff can be arranged to tell the story, and I doubt if Macmillans can use all I have prepared for them from reviews. Of course I quote freely from your Sat. Rev. of Lit. article.

I'll tell Latham, when I send the stuff, that probably you would be able to furnish any additional material he might want.

Sorry I bothered you, and hope you haven't done my work on the article.

Things are booming. I'm doing my best for the Journal-Post, six columns per week. First installment appears March 7th. I've done two installments. And Messiah is growing rapidly and most satisfactorily. The University Extension Center of K.C. wants me for a series of four lectures next season, and Redpath-Harner is on my trail. So things move.

I forgot to order those new copies of Friends - Glass for you until this minute. I'll do it at once.

Endless love, good Comrade!


I'm writing for Sat. Review of Lit. too - occasionally only, of course; but they keep asking me again. Very nice connection. Did they pay you for your review of me? You had about $12 coming. It's mostly honor, but they do pay fair rates.

Branson Mar [?] 12 PM. MO. 1925

United St[ates Postage?] 2 Cen[ts 2?]

Dr. Julius T. House New River State School Montgomery, West Virginia