Dear Comrade:

You will remember having written to John Macy several years ago, drawing his attention to the fact that he had been overlooking the poetry of the Little Buffalo.

Well, all things come to them as loves the Lord. John wrote me glowing a week ago about my review of his WORLD LITERATURE, and said extremely magnolient things about my poams, especialtiously about the WARS. He said, among other debris, that I had made trees bloom, etc. as no other poet in our time and few in any time had done. The words is not exack, but it was even more flattening to me as a poat. Or did I tell you all this, and how he wished to add to my fragment laurels, the greens of his own numble admiration? Them is almost exackly his langwidge, though he didn't stipulate greens.

I've just hearn from him again, and he says that he is literary adviser of the new firm of William Morrow & Co. Inc.; that Morrow wants me to contrack for a prose book on the Indian, and will I let them send an outline of what they want did and also their proposition.

I don't know as I had oughter, and Ime putting it up to Latham. But it looks good. They have just contracktulated with Rupert Hughes for a biography of Washington's life! Washington you will remember was the father of 100 million people.

That's a lot!
Lots of love,


Macy is also putting me in his new school book on American Lit.

Branson May 15 11 PM MO.

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Dr. J. T. House State School Montgomery, West Virginia.