Dear Comrade:-

I am buried in proofs. I still have the plates of INDIAN TALES to read, and I have nearly all the galleys of the COLLECTED POEMS here. This must be done in addition to my regular work which, in itself, is a good deal too much. But I'm not forgetting what I am to do for you. I shall write a little leading article for my page dealing with the question you want me to answer for your book. Thus, I can kill two birds with the proverbial single stone. That will be very soon now.

I wish you could see the new volumes in the New English Men of Letters Series now being issued by Macmillans. They are compact and, in the main, wonderfully well done. I think the volume on Meredith is the best thus far. Shall I send it to you to read and return? It is just about the length that your new MAN AND POET will probably be, and a reading of it might be of use.

Macmillans are doing the COLLECTED POEMS in a most generous way, evidently not trying to save expense. You will remember that Robinson's page in his Collected Poems was in small type and too compact for read easy reading. In mine Macmillans use type considerably larger than in THE QUEST. The type page is a good deal wider than in any of my other books. It will be a handsome volume, surely.

Have you seen the booklets they have issued on my stuff? If not, ask for a supply.


Dr. J. T. House New River State School Montgomery West Virginia