[July, 1926] [July 4, 1926]
Dear Comrade:-

Your dear letter was waiting for me when I got back from Texas late last evening. I was hot and dusty and tired, and your letter was like a cool swim. God, yes, it does mean something if my poetry ever makes you happier, bless you! I had a successful trip in Texas - good receptions, some more than good. At Austin I I got to spieling about profs of you, and I hope you didn't mind. I feel that sort of thing so strongly when I'm around educational institutions. Men teaching English Literature who have no knowledge of the Greeks and the other great ones, except in a sort of vague way. No deep warm love. And I always think of you, and what you could to the classes of such profs. IT's an "efficient" world, I'll say. Few in any of my aude iences really know Homer, or have the epic feel. Some , with the right temperaments, get the mood anyway, of course. But most are thinking of the wrong thing. Piffling business, even when the crowd roars for more; and I know it well.

WARS was reprinted in March, which means it has been going very well indeed. Macs printed a fairly large first edition, as they looked for good sale. That makes three editions, counting the de luxe. Dallas branch told me that my stuff is heavily stocked there and goes finely in their territory.

I'm off to the U. of Neb. for three days. Golly, how rushed I shall be when I get back next Saturday. Money, money, money! Damn it!

More later, when I get back.

Endless love, dear, dear comrade!

I'll have Meredith mailed you