Dear Comrade:

See article in September Bookman.

On Aug. 22nd, the N.Y. Eve. Post Lit. Review published my reply to the question, "what is the most beautiful line in English poetry". It appears also in Phila. Public Ledger.

Don't forget the opening paragraph I outlined for your Sat. Rev. article. Keep the article toned down well below the level of pangyric. You can say all you want to say & do it in the lower tone. I do not say this with the least intention of criticising anything you've written heretofore, but merely as a precaution in dealing with the Sat. Review. I want you to get in there. Say what you want to say, but continue the pitch.

Be wise as a serpent--your suave way. You know. But say it all too, and as one having authority.
Did you have a chance to poke around in any representative Chicago bookstores by way of learning how they are stocked with the Wars?

If I could get someone to finance you for 5 yrs, you could travel the country & put the cycle into thousands of schools. And think of the money constantly, being spent on bad booze! Golly! what a world. $30,000 would put the American Epic Cycle over with the rising generation.

We work through a crude, crude medium, alas!


Opened thru mistake by Dr. L.G. [Houser?]
From Box 255, Branson, Mo.
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Branson Sep. 3 [?]AM MO.

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Dr. Julius T. House, New River College, Montgomery, West Virginia.