463 South Main, Springfield, Mo.
Dear Comrade:

I wrote you on September 24th, and have just found the letter mixed up with a lot of publishers' stuff. So I'll write again, and this time I'll see that the letter gets mailed.

We moved up here in time for school. Our place in Branson is rented to a good party. Two weeks ago the J-P asked me to come up for a conference. I had mentioned the Post-Dispatch. The publisher and the managing editor spent the better part of the day with me, all as a result I agreed to go there. They said they wanted to "tie Neihardt to them for life". I think they can't do it, but their offer is so good that I've accepted and will move to K.C. January first. I'll get $100 per week there until the end of 1928 and a raise to be agreed upon thereafter. My duties will be more editorial than now. I am to write only two or three columns and am to have a fund for buying reviews. Some will be contributed free by the staff and buyby our readers. Until Jan. 1st, when I am to move, I get $60.

I really don't expect to be in K.C. much more than a year. Have a hunch that it's only the next step. We will move our stuff by truck and I'll drive the family up. So the move will be fairly easy and not very expensive.

It is the best of news that the BOOK is at last completed. Hurrah! I know how you feel, and it's a wonderful feeling. Where do you plan to offer it? Macmillan's? I should think so, in view of our scheme. I certainly do want to see you on the road for Macmillans. When you are ready to go after them for such a connection, let me know. Perhaps I can't do much, but I can at least make Latham think about it. Still, you have met him, and have your contact without me.

I've been overworking and it will be a relief to run the page according to the new plan.

Boni & Liveright have asked me to do the chapter on Cooper for their forthcoming Writers' History of American Literature. I'd like to do it, and will if I can find time and vitality for the job. John Macy is editing the book.

My deep affection for you is one of my chief props. I am grateful for you, dear, dear Comrade!


Springfield Oct 2 1 PM 1926 MO.
Dr. Julius T. House, New River State School, Montgomery, West Virginia.