Dear Mott:

I have been offered the Literary Editorship of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and will take charge as soon as I can get away from the Journal-Post of Kansas City - which I think will be in less than two weeks. I will use a good deal of contributed material, and I am wondering if you might not want to do a review now and then for the Post-Dispatch page. I don't know what I shall be able to pay - don't know P-D space rates; but they do pay, I understand. It has struck me that a number of us who understand a thing or two ought to stick together in trying to give the Middle West a voice.

You and Frederick have done and are doing fine things through the Midland. Can't we make the Post-Dispatch do something too?

With all kind thoughts,

Jno. Neihardt

Of course, all articles will be signed.