Dear Comrade:

The Alber Bureau has asked that I write from them at once a 300 word sketch about myself, my work and my success in lecturing, to be used in their publicity. They say I am not to be modest, and they want special stress laid on my success as a speaker. This is damned hard for me to do. Could you write such a sketch for me, and make it as strong as you yourself can make it out of your own beleif in my work and me? My connection with Alber is the result of rather smashing success with the Artists' Guild here in St. Louis. You would play up the national significance of my work and its enduring qualities, my acquaintance with Indians, the mastery of technique along with utter humanness. etc. Crowds do stay and stay for me when I read this stuff. I can win any crowd I go after. Then say something strong about Poetic Values as lectures for advanced classes.

Can you do this for me soon, or are you too damned busy? The thought of doing it myself makes me limp.

I'm not sure yet that I want to accept Albor's proposition for next year. I'm well set here, surely, and could lay money away at the rate of fifty or sixty per week without any deprivations. But that cycle must go on. I'm sure it is going to endure.

Endless love,