pm July 20, 1927
Dear Comrade:

I'm glad for what you say of your correspondence with the New Republic. Something may come of it, but we must remember that it is next to impossible for New Yorkers to see beyond the powerful psychosis that grips them now. Of course, there are many for me in New York; but they are not inside the ruling clique, which is small but absolutely in control. Harriet Monroe has shown in a recent article that "no poet west of the Hudson can win the Pulitzer Prize". In the long run, we needn't worry, for I know of some touted poets who would like very much to have as much of a following as I have, although there has never been any organized claque to herald me.

I do hope it may be possible for you to get on the road with Macmillans. I think you'd enjoy it more than teaching, and it would be a great thing for the Cycle. I have signed up with Alber for year after next (season 1928-9) and that will be good advertising. With you working on the schools and me lecturing, wonderful things could be done. Will you approach Macmillans on the subject? Of course you would have to push their whole line, and you'd play that up in approaching them, but there'd be an epidemic of epic cycle sales in your wake.

Next week every afternoon and for two weeks thereafter you may think of me near a swimming hole.

Say, if you should get tied up with Macmillans (and why is that at all improbable?) couldn't you live in Kirkwood? You and Mrs. House and Mary would love the place, I'm sure, and there'd be every opportunity for Mrs. H. to get into musical circles. You and I would be away from home a good deal, but we'd be at home a lot too, and the women, I'm sure, would be the best of friends. I rather think we may buy at the edge of Kirkwod - the place you and Mary saw. I wish you and I could be near each other more often.

Isn't this a fine dream, anyway?

Kindest thoughts for the ladies, and love to you, as always.

After Five Days, Return to
St. Louis, Mo. Jul 20 2 730pm 1927 AIRMAIL SAVES TIME
Dr. Julius T. House, New River State College, Montgomery, West Virginia.