Dear Comrade:

I've been very lazy, deliberately so, for nearly 3 wks. I will drive back to St. Louis Friday.

Yes, you are right. You will write a fine book about the whirl called Neihardt + the work. Also, nothing can stop this thing. The work will last beyond all but a very few things of our generation. This delay is essential, and will lead to greater things as you will see later.

I have signed for year after next with the Affiliated Lyceums of Cleveland. Am now about to become national director of a new + very promising scheme. (I plan to work you in. Shall wait for more definite developments before writing you.

You must be with Macmillans, if possible. But a year or two or three may bring out better ways Bully for the notes to the Wars! Make them copious enough to be fairly fool-proof with crude teachers. Ask me any questions and I'll reply at once.

The best is yet to be with us, Comrade!

Love always,

Branson Aug 10 19[?]MO.

United States Postage 2 Cents 2

Dr. J.T. House, New River State College Montgomery, West Virginia