p.m. with Oct. [?] with Oct 2 letter '27
Dear Comrade:

Yes. I'm sure you can and will make it "a glorious fight" your letter errs, if at all, on the side of understatement, especially in the matter of deserving that school editions have been issued for Nebraska and in the reference to approving critics. The approval of critics, in the aggregate, has been very great indeed. But no doubt it is wise to begin with a light but firm touch. I hope the poor old fellow has a sound streak of honor in him, but is he not self-branded as a liar?

Wm. Rose Benét of The Sat. Review might keep you. He is a powerful fan + wrote in his column in Sat. Rev. to the effect that my Collected Poems should have had the Pulitzer Prize. Very many would help were they not afraid of jeopardizing their literary fences. I met a lot of such when I was entertained a week by the Poetry Society in N.Y. a year or so ago.


Now listen to this in answer to your question: Don't allow anyone or any fear to restrain you in the matter of speaking out boldly anything that you feel you can back with argument. I never do, and my column goes strong after more than four years. More people will thank than damn you - a lot more. Turn loose, always first having considered your defenses. No other writing of a critical nature can be much more than interesting twaddle. Often, after turning loose in my column, I've hope that some one would venture to "call" me so that I might have an excuse for making the point clearer. Only once has this happened, and golly what an advantage it gave me!

I vote for more not less free expression from you in your magazine. Let loose, knowing just what you'll say if anybody gets cocky.

Endless love

I think much of Mary and her baby. Mary's baby! It doesn't seem real . I'll bet she loves it with a lyrical intensity bless her!