Dear Comrade:

Your letter came yesterday and the Notes have just now come in. I'll get at them yet this week and Enid will begin copying at once. I am returning the check. Of course this can not be at your expense. Thanks anyway.

I will have the maps you suggest and also a picture of Crazy Horse for frontispiece.

I wish you would write Brown, telling him that you have about completed the Notes, that they will soon be in his hands, and asking when they intend to issue the school edition. It is quite proper that you should ask him this, since you exchanged letters with him on the subect.

Yesterday I received a telegram from Wellesley College, offering me $100 and expenses both ways to lecture there on Nov. 7. I had to turn it down. Last week I turned down another request for a lecture that was made by wire. I have to be in Wichita and Topeka in Nov. During the past year, I have turned down at least a dozen requests from various parts of the country. I have offered to go to Wellesley in February, and I have no doubt it can be arranged.

The response from those to whom I have written about the All-America Movement has been surprisingly enthusiastic. Dr. Kaufman of Washington wants to do an article on it for the

The Director of Publicity for the N.E.A. wants a bunch of the All-America circulars to distribute among educators.
Christian Science Monitor, which will be of enormous advantage. No better place to spring it. We have big men on our Board of Advisors and will have all together about thirty from all parts of the country. If I only had the time to work at this I could make a fortune easily. This is no wild saying. It's a winning scheme and can be put over with a bang. As it is, I have not enough zip. Still, I can pull through.

I'm interested in your Quarterly. Yes, I think you can get some good writers. If I can help land any special ones you have in mind, call on me. I am known well by most of them, and they'll listen.

Drove down to Branson Last Friday P.M. and back Sunday. Our house is a joy to look at. I didn't know it after all that is done. It looks like a brand new house and it really is. Beautiful, too. I want to live there again, and will.

Endless love, dearest Comrade.