Dear Comrade:

I don't know of a better brief statement about the modern poetry situation than you have made. If you're your Quarterly does much of that sort of thing, and I'm sure it will, it should be a whiz. I think it would be better to get going with general stuff before tackling a special number on me. It's barely possible that Jessie Rittenhouse would do a special article on my COLLECTED POEMS for you. Try her. I have some people in mind who would probably write for you after they have learned that it is you are trying to do. I'll name some of these later. Be bold and go after the good ones. They will be nearly as easy to get as less important people, I think, especially after you have got to going and I can show them what you're doing. I'll help in every way possible. What Brown says to you about re- setting the WARS looks good to me. Nothing is lacking for complete success in our time for the whole cycle but an arrangment to put you on the road under circumstances advantageous to you. I think that if this cannot be done within a reasonable number of years, real success will come slowly and after we are gone. I will get at the Notes tomorrow. I will send you two of Cummings' books and I want you to examine them carefully. Hold your nose before you begin. You can easily find out from the NEW REPUBLIC when it published the lauditory article on these insane obscenities. After you have learned this, you might care to write an article for their Correspondence Column. And if you write the sort of article that will be in your heart -- and how could you do otherwise? - I doubt if it will be printed. I'm in very good position to know a good deal about modern methods of promotion in the publishing world. The situation is almost incredible.

With love always,


If I go to the Wellesley in Feb. I might stop with you on the way for a reading.

Fine letter from Avery yesterday.