Dear Comrade:

I'm hoping to hear good news soon about your book. Three weeks - and more! That seems to show that they are giving the MS more than the once-over.

As to the school edition of the WARS, might it not be a good idea for you to suggest this to Latham, on the grounds that you have been receiving requests from teachers? I suppose you have heard from more than Gregg.

Yes, I do wish you could make us a visit this Spring. We'd have a wonderful time, for we could get out in the car in the evenings, and swim and have picnics. Can't you and Mrs. House manage to come? We have a spare room downstairs where guests would be free to make all necessary domestic noises. That's what I call comfort! And I would very much like to have you know Mrs. Rogers. I'm not a bit dippy about her, but what comes through her is surely marvelous. Sincereity has nothing to do with the case. If she were proved n to be an abandoned liar, the phenomena would still be there to be explained.

Things go well. I'm trying to keep Macmillans from stealing THE RIVER AND I. They want to buy the rights for the Modern Readers' Series and the Child's Classics Series for a song. No quarrel over the trade edition. I am insisting on royalty for all editions.

Endless love, dearest Comrade,