in envelope May 8, '28
Dear Comrade:

The enclosed letter from Macmillans explains itself. I have a notion that they would work you in if you had any thought of changing your occupation. What they say about the summer is doubtless true, but there seems to be some chance yet. There has been a decided growth in sales of school editions. Two printings in a year. I believe that they have been pushing to some extent, but such a great deal more could easily be done.

The outlook for your magazine is certainly heartening. I am gennuinely glad about it all, and I am certain that you will be able to get a reasonably good following.

The All-America Movement was held up by the sudden death of my outside man and a prolonged sickness of my financial backer. American Express Co has agreed to handle the tours for us, and will give office room in New York. But we got reorganized too late to go ahead this year, and the American Express Co. has advised our getting set for next year. It is a very big proposition and there is a fortune in it. It has had national publicity and I have received many letters of commendation. Even TIME gave us four inches of its limited space. If you and I could go into this, we'd make a killing. The idea is unique thus far. I had a new man ready to hop to New York when the American Express Co. told me it was too late to put the thing over big. What a pity you can't be the outside man, visiting universities and colleges and scheming the various local programs of half the trip!

There is no money to be made by regular work. That is a blown-up fallacy. It must be done by scheming on some quantity project. In the All-American Movement we would have a really important educational institution that would win great respect and also make large sums. Please do not think I am exaggerating the possibilities. The scheme has been put up to many people of importance, and enthusiasm is always expressed for the movement.

I got out of the stock exchange adventure with a clear profit of $400 in two months on an investment of $2,000. I am now in a local preferred stock that, with my arrangement, pays over 11% and will rise in price. It pays a dividend of 4.40 on a price of 53.

I met Alber, mgr. of the Affiliated Lyceum and Chataqua Assn., and three of his managers, at the [Statler?] the other day. They say they can get me a "good booking".

Endless love, dearest comrade!


My backer here insists that I be the "movement" I can give a salary + share of profits to an Eastern director for next year.

The cash down salary would be for, say 15 to 20 weeks.