Dear Comrade:

How would it be to use the life of me which Macmillans issued in the brochure called "America's Epic Poet"?It is quite comprehensive and not too long, perhaps. For fear you may not have a copy of this, I am asking Macmillans to send you one at once. I do hope this will be in time. I'm a neglectful cuss now, but really through weariness and the grind here in the office. There have been one or two good articles on POETIC VALUES, but I don't know where they are. My fences are all down from long neglect, but I'll be building them up as soon as I get leisure with the lecturing. Tonight, however, I'll try to locate an article. That about the Nobel Prize came from my sister Grace in the Library at Buffalo. I never saw the article she referred to, and I am persuaded to think that she must have meant the Pulitzer Prize. I miss so much that is said about my stuff. I have not anything on the dramas that I could hope to find.

There's a lot of evidence to show that the cycle is gaining steadily. I feel very hopeful about that, and I'm in no condition, generally, to feel hopeful without reason. The thing will be completed, will gain a firm position and will outlast nearly everything now being done in verse in this country.

I wish I could help you now that you need help.

With love always