Dear Comrade:

I am wondering if you are taking much interest in the political show. Have you read Kent's POLITICAL BEHAVIOR? It is worth reading just now. The following from Bertrand Russell's SCEPTICAL ESSAYS expressed what I have felt for some years and feel more strongly now than ever: "The best that can be hoped, it seems to me, is that we should, as many of us as possible, become political sceptics rigidly abstaining from belief in the various attractive programs that are put before us from time to time." It is a curious and saddening time we are living in. All things are becoming a matter of mob-action controlled by low-minded demagogues. So far as effectiveness is concerned, meanings no longer have any validity. If you could spend six months in my office you would grant that the foregoing is a mild statement of the fact. There is still, of course, a small minority, but it is not powerful. We, who still believe that there is such a thing as sanity, and that there are values that are not merely a matter of fashion and rabble whim, are very much out of place. Just the same I am not in despair. We can live and think and work for the minority. And while we may not live to see the putting of the idiotic rabble in its proper place, we may be sure that this will someday occur. It cannot occur until the present pyramiding of industry has reached its inevitable conclusion. I need not tell you that it is the rabble I despise, and not the individuals who compose it. Many of them are capable of better things, but they are helpless before our publicity schemes, and do not know that they are being given all their opinions, and that they are being managed by masters of a low type.

I wonder when I am going to see you again.

With love,