Dear Comrade:

I like the new title, FRONTIERS, very much. The University of Montana has a publication called THE FRONTIER MAGAZINE. This doesn't matter, since you use the word with a very different meaning. I vote for FRONTIERS. God knows there are plenty of frontiers in these days. I'm glad that Lew Sarett is for you. He should be able to help. Of course I will serve as advisor, and will think up some names. I hope your plans for my engagement may work out nicely. If they don't, it will be due to no fault in you. After Oct. 19th, you will be expected to address me as Doctors Neihardt. Note the plural. All letters otherwise addressed to me on and after the aforesaid date will be returned with great hauteur. Creighton University says it wants to make me an LL.D. I am to be at Iowa University November 3.

With love,