Dec 22nd? 1928
Dear Comrade:

I was mighty glad to see a letter from you, but very sorry indeed to hear of Mrs. House's sickness. No wonder I didn't hear from you. Give her my kindest thoughts - sincere ones.

It seems to me that the Quarterly improves steadily. Isn't the latest number about the best? It seems so to me. I'm genuinely glad you are doing this, and it ought to give you much satisfaction.

Macmillans urged me to get up my stuff for "Straws in the Wind" at once, and Enid is copying. Should see the volume in the spring. I have been a little surprised to find that there is so much printable stuff. The character of the book, however, is indicated by the title. Still, anyone really reading the book will discover an integrating point of view, right enough. It's there.

I'm making money on the Exchange, and will make a good deal more. Am in strong position, as shown by the fact that in the bad breaks my list of holdings rises on the average. Yesterday's bad break actually boosted me. I do wish you had some Pennsylvania common for your . It will go to 90 at least — remember this and kid me if I'm mistaken. But there are reasons. Pennsylvania has had a 6 point rise in a week, and is bound up. I wish I had a lot more. Have only 75 shares, bought a 64. Have eight other stocks, all strong ones. I despise money and the whole wretched philosophy that accompanies the making of it as a rule. But I must complete the Cycle and take care of my own — six of them, all getting more expensive. Two homes to maintain, too. I can't hope to save enough in the usual way, but I can make it in this way, and when I die, it will be said, or should be said, that I gave an enduring gift and defended my own and beat the cynical scheme on its own battleground. It's a big order, but I'll do it. Damn the idiotic scheme, however.

I've studied hard and long on Stock Exchange technique and theory. It is surprising how the light breaks, and I've doped out many stocks for the rise without missing one yet. Unfortunately I've not enough cash to buy all I want. I'm playing on about 6,000 dollars now, but it increases.

You could hold 100 Pennsylvania common for $2,000. It could be held on $500 less, but it's best to be well margined for occasional technical breaks. $2,000 can be doubled within a year, and probable half that time, if put into Pa. common now, even at the increased price.

But if you should invest, don't take my word at all. Find out from a big investment house.

It's good to know that your people there liked what I had to give. I sincerely liked them. Give my best to Seyster - a good scout truly, I'm sure. Endless love to you, my dear good comrade!

Made 110% on $550 in two weeks — sold & reinvested.
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Dr. Julius T. House, New River State College, Montgomery, West Virginia.