I have the following described prints, three of them in colors, which are in excellent condition, being framed and under glass. If you are able to give me some information about these prints, together with the probable market value thereof, I shall be grateful.

  • 1. --Represents twenty-five or thirty Indians in foreground, one of which is shooting upward with a bow, the others watching eagerly. In the background some mounted Indians are galloping on a hill, and several Indians are standing, one shooting upward, as in the foreground, and the others following the flight of the arrow with their eyes. This print is in colors.
  • 2. --Represents three Indians hunting buffalo on snow shoes. In the foreground is a dying buffalo bull. In the background, a herd of buffalo climbing up a snowy hill toward the right of the picture. This print is in black and white.
  • 3. --Represents a buffalo hunt in summer. Strange pointed hills in background, one white and two half-breed hunters looking over the top of a draw in the foreground, the buffalo in the green valley nearby. Clump of trees at right of picture. This print is in colors
  • 4. --Represents a large number of Indians playing ball in a green valley. Very spirited. This print is in tints.

All the above prints are of the same size, and I judge that under the mats they are approximately 14x21". It seems quite likely to me that these are by Catlin. It seems probably that the titles of the first four may have been trimmed off in the framing, but I cannot be sure of this. You will understand of course that all of these prints are for sale.

In addition to the above, I have two Currier and Ives prints in black and white, depicting the death of Lincoln. They are in good condition.

I enclose stamped evelope for reply, and trust that I may hear from you soon.

Very truly yours,