Mr Neihardt
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Dear Fairy Lady, —

But a very real "fairy" - that fades away only to come back again with The "Magic Box" filled to overflowing with Joy and Happiness for the day!

Sometime when I am feeling a bit stronger may I write on greater length and tell you some of the reasons that made yesterday's few precious moments with the beloved poet, John G. Neihardt, a golden milestone in memory's treasure-logs? You see I have been one of the unfortunate flu victims. Pictures and the "after effects" are not so good, — so this faithful pen of mine has had a long rest - also! I have written you once before [?], - + you [were so?] gracious as to like the poem, "Success" I enclosed in that letter -

Long years ago, when a child I lived in far away Montana, first at Ft. Custer - later at an Indian Trading Post - on the Big Horn River. Huntley is the name in that village - Indians were the principal inhabitants in those long ago years I learned to [know them well?] + they called my young and beautiful mother, "The White Angel". I am wondering if by any chance [Mr.?] Neihardt was ever at Ft. Custer or Huntley - Of course, it is all very different out then now compared to forty years ago!

John G. Neihardt is wonderful — Nebraska — and the whole world have reasons to be very proud of him! One of the finest things, in my own humble opinion that this friend who has "The Heart of a Man & the soul of a Poet"[?] wrote

"Prayer for Pain" - you may know the poem, but just to be sure, when I write you again, I shall enclose the lines.

The "Children's Hours" this morning was delightful. But oh! Where was our Blair. We missed him exceedingly.

And now, - "A Happy Day to you all day" - + throughout all the days & your [?] life!

- Sincerely,
"[?]Lady in[?]."