Dear Comrade:

I'm all for your suggestion about the new edition of "Man and Poet", and I believe the time is very nearly ripe for a definite move in that direction. Don't approach Macmillans, however, until late spring or early summer. This is the wrong time. I suspect that there will be some encouraging developments within a few months that will make your proposition a great deal stronger with Macmillans. You are right, and have been from the start, in your feeling about the long future of the Cycle. It will be very long. So much power has been developed already - and damned up - that when the resistance to it gives way, it will be irresistible. There are analogies in all realms. Power is power, however manifested, and it can not be accumulated indefinitely without an outbreak. But I am not depending on reason for my belief in the future of this work. You and I know because it is as though the future were already here for us at times. Many others here and there all over the country share our knowledge. I doubt if I shall be allowed to work on the MESSIAH much during this year. I feel that there will be other things more important to the whole scheme for the moment. Nevertheless, I will work on the MESSIAH unless some very strong current drives me away from it temporarily. At any rate, I'll not be on this job very long after April first.

It is quite likely that this grind here will prove to be good for what I have to do in the coming years. It has been a hard training, and, as that last man medium told me,

(and he was a wizard!)
it may be that some egoistic resistance in me has been broken down at last. I have a different feeling about myself somehow. I want nothing - and this is said with a deadly sincerity - but to be used. I hardly believe at all in the touted values of this world, and I am eager, with a sort of joyousness at times, for whatever may come after. I want to feel myself being used - like old times, only with far less self in it all. If there should be a world of other consciousness about us, and there are some excellent reasons for suspecting this, it has a willing tool in me if it needs one.

There is no risk in leaving this job, for I can always get another. I've been rather lucky and, strange to say, have made what, for me, is pretty good money. But there'll be a lot more in plenty of time. I fear so little, that we are moving into a more expensive house March 1st. Our family has outgrown the one we've had for over two years. We are almost hanging out the windows!

You bet I'm for that new version of MAN AND POET. Keep on planning for it until you have everything clear in your mind, and I think the way will be open.

That thesis is the third this year - so far as I've heard.

Endless love, dear comrade.


Bully letter from The lawyer! He says about Fink much what you + I would say. I see no discrepancy there, do you?

You should have seen a parlor full of distinguished sophisticates at lady Speyer's home wiping their eyes when I was reading Crazy Horse's Death!


Another [invitation?] to be guest at a dinner at 5th Ave. Hotel N.Y. March 7th. Will not go.

My women + children devil me to quit here right away + get to work on the Messiah! Mamma writes long demanding letters about it.