Dear Comrade:

Hurrah for the first member of the new Review! I'm all for it + eager to see it. Of course, it will take time to make it what you want it to be.

When would you want the stuff on Robinson, and how much?

Macmillans made no comment on the bulk of the Notes, and will go ahead immediately with the edition. They gave me a liberal contract on the school edition, + it seems they may do something special to push the books in schools. I am ready to sacrifice all royalty for a year or two. If they will do something real in the way of pushing. I have not made such a proposition, but will at the proper time.

Signs of any success in St. Louis multiply surprisingly, and I've been hearing gratifying gossip from among the P-D force. If I were to stay here, I'd be something of an institution, I suppose. Even now, I sometimes seem to be something of the sort.

Yesterday I was moved into a large luxurious office on the top floor - the 8th - with a wide view over the city through windows that fill the whole outside of the room. The hall outside is all polished marble + I have a chandelier!! Great place to receive ladies, who visit one in considerable numbers!

The "movement" thrives. The American Express Co. has made us a flabbergasting offer to handle it for us at a good margin of profit to us, + my partner will probably office in N.Y. with the Express Co there.

When are you coming over to see me - us? You + Mrs. House both. Make it in warm weather + we'll drive all over this beautiful country + sit around + dream dreams.

Endless love, dearest Comrade!

Saint Louis. Mo. 5 Jan 30 12- M 1928 ADDRESS YOUR MAIL TO STREET A[ND?] NUMBER


Dr. Julius T. House New River State Colle[ge?] Montgomery, West Virginia