Dear Comrade:

Just a note in haste to assure you that things go finely with me. The market did not smash me. I had sold most things and what I hold I own outright. Naturally, if I sold what I have at present prices I'd be behind on that particular deal, but I'm holding and shall continue, since I don't need the cash. The only thing that makes me sad, sometimes almost desperately so, is the growing conviction that our civilization is, without the least exaggeration, an unmitigated fool. But I don't want to write about that here.

I did my stunt for the National Council of Teachers of English in K. C. on Saturday, and had a fine reception.

My column here is winning in a way that surprises me more than most things in my life have. Within the past three months the responses have been gro wing in number and coming from many places. Also, the attitude toward me here in the Post and the general attitude in St. Louis are rather astonishing to me. The column, to put it briefly, is getting to be something of an institution. I wonder and wonder why this very decided response should

break loose after three years - almost - of stuu ff just as good as I'm doing now. It has been said that my column is alone in the country. I can't see why the Post lets me go ahead as I do, for I say plenty pretty often. And I am not wrong when I am moved to speak out as I do.

It's queer how you feel about the MESSIAH. I think you are clairvoyant, whatever the explanation of that unque stio nable phenomenon may be of clairvoyance may be. Recently a medium here told me she saw a book - "one you have begun to write but have not completed" - "and suddenly it turns to almost pure gold in my hands and from it arises a purple etherialethereal that reaches the heavens." I myself do not believe this so far as I know, and I doubt if I am eager to write anything, except as I may be compelled. I don't seem to care much what the world thinks of me, save as what it says may mean that I am helping here and there. You write of the "MESSIAH" MUCH AS various mediums have spoken. (I'm not thinking of "spiritualism" in this connection. I suspect there's a better explanation that would fit the Hugh Glass country business too.) The medium mentioned added: "Man, I give my shoes, I'd sacrifice anything to write that book"! But damned if I can see any reason for such eagerness. Not now, anyway, though I have a haunting feeling that I'll surely write it. Of course, the message meaning of the poem, as I now conceive it, is to me the key meaning of all our suffering. I feel that meaning with an intensity that sometimes nearly lifts me off my feet. I've felt it alone out in our back yardbackyard

and felt it so deeply that I'd catch myself crying; and I'd feel ashamed. God knows I'm colder inside than I was when you knew me by constant contacts, and I never was given to tears. I hope I don't sound mushy. I tell you, I feel cold as ice most of the time. And I seem to want less and less of anything. Maybe I am being gotten ready to do something worth doing. I hope so.

As for getting to Branson, we're going, if for no other reason than to get away from the immediate vicinity of so much social insanity. Down there I could forget much. It has been suggested here, voluntarily, for I've said nothing that Bovard, the Czar of the Post, would undoubtedly let me do almost anything I might want to do. I'm not so sure, but I intend to try to make arrangements for my present salary in Branson. I could save two and a half hours a day by not having to travel, and I could use that for the Messiah. Anyway, we are going to Branson. Have fixed up our home there and made it beautiful and comfortable.

Yes, go to see Jones. Don't miss the opportunity. He is a Catholic mystic, but his mysticism is genuine beyond any possibility of doubt. Have him tell you of his experiences.


He tells only close friends, and will have nothing of the sort printed. But he will tell you if he knows I want him to do so. I'll send you an article, two or three paragraphs of which will make clear the man's special quality and power.

This is at home, will send it tonight.
Endless love,


I do know that if necessary & possible, you would literally mortgage your life, as you say, to have the Messiah finished. I'll finish it, be sure.

Good things to tell you - but how to begin?

Thought this would be only a note and its a letter, in length at least.
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Dr. Julius T. House, New River State College, Montgomery, West Virginia.