Dear Comrade:

Since writing you last, I have gone through a second attack of flu, and it was a hell-bender. Am getting along all right now, but for ten days I was hard hit. No after effects, it seems.

I'm delighted with the progress you are making, and I feel certain that it's only a matter of getting the news around that you are publishing the magazine. You don't need a tremendous subscription list - but if you keep at it, you will have a pretty good one, I know.

Mary does not surprise me, but she delights me. She's a girl and a half - maybe three or four girls. Her little unhappiness of a few years ago is all to the good. Don't you feel so? It seems to have released her for other things. She will go on and on, that's sure. Tell her we out here are shoutin' for her and are sure of her.

Did I tell you that my partner in the All-America Movement committed suicide? It was family trouble - a queer wife. Poor devil. He was very intelligent, and our business was booming. Since his death, there has been a lot of publicity on the Movement all over the country, and I receive many many letters endorsing it. The American Express Co. stands ready to back us and push the thing, offering office space in its N.Y. office. It is a winner and will make big money for someone.

Time had an article on the Movement last week. Christian SC. Monitor gave it an editorial.

But whom can I get to work on the outside? I am quite helpless without an outside man, and so is our Eastern director, Dr. Kaufman of American University, who is all enthusiasm and raring to go.

Schl. Ed. of Friends-Glass has been reprinted twice in a year. The thing does not die. Recently I received a letter from Seaver, stating that at a meeting in Baltimore very soon the matter would be decided as to whether or not you should be employed for three months in the year to push the epics in schools. Can you still see your way to do this, if they should offer a reasonable proposition that would pay you properly for your time?

I am making money on the Stock Exchange. Bought 100 shares of Woodworth Inc. at 27 - five weeks ago - and my profit now is $575. The stock climbs steadily and without any erratic stunts. It is believed that the stock will go to 50, which would makes me a profit of over two thousand on an investment of two thousand. There are three other stocks I know that will unquestionably make big gains within a year. This will sound odd to you, I know. But it's not the chance-taking affair it seems. There are safe ways of knowing in certain instances. I've been studying stocks and companies and learning all I could about the whole game.

The affiliated Lycuem and Chataqua Assn. reports enthusiastically about the campaign for me next year. The managers all over the country met recently and were impressed with the possibilities in pushing me. I'll be at the cycle again! Still, I'm treated like a prince of the blood here and hate to leave.

Endless love,

Over 100 separate bureaus in this Assn. - English-speaking countries.