Dear Comrade:

I'm glad to know that you are at work on the Robinson article, and I'm sure, since you intend to tell all you have thought about the subject, that the result will be valuable. There is, indeed, "a lot to say". I'll look forward to that article with eagerness.

Perhaps your colleague could be encouraged to develop his thesis in an article - ? Why not?

My Sioux friends are already making arrangements against my coming in April. It looks like a happy time ahead. Old Standing Bear, who has a tribal reputation as a pictograph painter, is making picture stories of Black Elk's life to be used as illustrations in the book. Four old men, in addition to Black Elk, will make up my pow-wow party - men whose experiences fairly represent the tribe's history since the 60's. Black Elk is a fine wise spirit and he is entering into the plan with enthusiasm. I can, with Enid's help, complete the book no later than August. If Morrow will consent, I'd like to publish the book as Black Elk's, giving the Sioux equivalent of my Omaha name as editor. "Tae Tunka Chikala".

It would amuse me to remain concealed. Morrow has given me a contract - $1,000 cash to be paid at beginning of work, royalty of 10, 12 1/2, and 15% up to 5000 - and 15 thereafter. Morrow is a go-getter. His outfit seems rather pleasantly excited about the plan. Queer! I think of it all as a happy diversion coupled with an opportunity to reveal something more of the Indian consciousness. Enid, Hilda, & I will drive up in the Gardner and be around among the Indians for about 3 weeks. The home with a mass of stenographic notes to work like hell for about 6 weeks. Then, it seems I may somehow be able to continue with Messiah.

You asked about the children in a recent letter. I dare not start writing about them. I'm a bit astonished at all of them, each with an individual equipment of virtues and powers. And Mona is still Mona.

With love always,


I wonder sometimes if you feel what is coming out of the present world situation.

My Post-Dispatch column for the past four years will make surprising reading sometime.

Your proposed article about my stuff will be a corker, I know, for you will write as from another world, caring only to state what you see & know.

Neihardt Branson, Mo.
BRANSON NOV 27 1 - PM 1930 MO.
Dr. J. T. House New River State College Montgomery, West Virginia

Get for review "The Devil's Brigade" by Spivak from Brewer & Warren, Inc. 6 East 53rd St., New York. My G ---! what a saga! The Hatfield-McCoy feud.