Dear Comrade:

That last letter to the gentleman is a dandy and I'd hate to receive one like it with equal justification. It will be interesting to see what sort of reply you receive.

The idea about an article for PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION sounds good to me, and I do hope you may care to write the other article entitled " The Making of a Myth". Where did you think of publishing the latter? It might not be a bad idea to try SATURDAY REVIEW through William Rose Benet.

Or Boston Transcript through the lit. ed. who is a true believer, I gather.

I suppose you are still having your second spring just as we are here.

I'm looking forward to April when Enid, Hilda and I will go up for the pow wows with Black Elk and his friends. Did I tell you that I have signed the contract with Morrow? The manuscript is to be delivered no later than November 31. I'll have it ready before September.

Nothing much to say from here just now.

With love always,