Dear Comrade:

Yes, David Graham Philpps too. I remember well when he was living & going strong. Had very big reputation shortly before his death. Is being revived somewhat now. I've picked up first editions of him when found, & intend to keep on.

There's another prose writer, truly neglected and a great spirit with uncanny powers; he died in 1900 at the age of 43 — want & under-appreciation, I understand. His name is Frank Hamilton Cushing & his "Zuni Folk Tales" has just been reissued after being out of print nearly 30 years. The real story of Cushing's life & work would be a corking thing.

Richard Burton, I'm sure, would be delighted to write about Arthur Upson, & I have other strings to pull for original stuff. Upson was a real poet. Suicide — drowning. I knew his mother slightly — some of his pals well. Have his complete works in 2 vols.

I'll get Burton for you when you want him.



Do encourage your colleague to do his Virgil study. I gather, from a remark you made, that he's no sentimental slop-bucket & will say what he believes he can demonstrate. To reveal value is a great part of the creation of value, and if your colleague will collaborate, he's more than welcome.


There's no end of work for your mag to do. I could sit here an afternoon & think up enough real features to keep you jumping for three years. No exaggeration at all.


The last number is a corker. I was familiar with all the sonnets, which fact acted automatically to keep me from exclaiming, as I should have done otherwise. A very distinguished number quite obviously; and beautifully done! You began your mag just when the very strong movement toward regional culture was getting a good start in many sections. Good omen for you.