Dr. U. S. Conn, President State Teachers College Wayne, Nebraska
Dear Dr. Conn:

I am now sure that I can manage to get away during April, at which time I expect to visit among the Oglala Sioux for a couple of weeks.

In one of your recent letters you stated that you thought you could arrange engagements for me with the other State normals. If you could do this without too much trouble, I should be glad to have you go ahead. As to the dates, any time in April or early May would be satisfactory to me. I plan to drive through and should want to have enough time between engagements to use my car for transportation. This would not take much longer than travel by train.

It will surely be a pleasure to be back at Wayne again with you.

I believe that the contract for the Indian book, which I have signed with William Morrow and Company, will make it possible for me to go ahead with my main work after this summer.

With kindest thoughts always for Mrs. Conn and yourself,

Jno. G. Neihardt
John G. Neihardt