Dear Comrade:

It is good to see the lines from the Messiah so beautifully printed and without a single error. I hope it may do you some good.

That is a fine essay by Homer C.!

I must complete the Messiah so that the Song of the Indian Wars, as originally planned, may be complete; and when it is complete, it will be enough for one man, certainly.

Perhaps I'll stay around long enough to complete the Cycle; I'd like to do so, though it is the simple truth that I'd never do anything of any sort again for what the effort might bring me, either in the form of honor or of money or both. In fact, some such thing has always been at the bottom of my consciousness, as I see now; but now it's at the top. But to tell the greatest of all human stories again with a new emphasis, with a whole race on the cross —that might be worth doing!

Endless love, dearest Comrade!