Dear Comrade:

Don't speak of yourself in a derogatory way to me. I know your worth, both in mind and spirit and that knowledge is one of the finest things in my life.

I'm taking up points of your March 1st letter in order. Of course Edmund Wilson cannot be all fool; no doubt he can write good articles at times. But a man who can seriously consider Joyce's Ulysses and Gertrude Stein's equally incredible asininities must have a streak of copy-cat fool in him almost as wide as his back. A man who can do that is not to be trusted. The fool was evident in his spiel about communism, without a doubt.

Gertie Stein is a sexual unfortunate.

Nice about the U. P. & Cawley; but, in any case, we need not worry about the future; The future is our friend, I know very well. Still any intelligent help is good.

Yes, Pattee should be exposed — not for my sake, but because he is in position to mislead many good people who have no way of knowing the truth. I've changed a lot, and would not defend myself or my work against anyone. This is the age of the Great Folly, and the end is approaching rapidly.

The new biography might well be published by the Southwest Press, Dallas. Yes, I think Macmillans too, would be interested. But don't fancy that I'm merely guessing when I say that strong influences inside the Macmillan Co. have been ridiculously antagonistic to me. The president, Brett, doesn't know. Latham does Southwest Press is very successful & is doing fine things.

Yes, the signs are fine for my work. Such indications as I spoke of to you lately continue to come in. "Great" is the commonly used word. Brookline, Mass. & Springfield, Mass. have asked this week for autographs in Collected Poems & the Wars. If you were here you'd often be made happy. Hilda has been collecting autographs among the writers of the country. She often gets an earful when they reply. It tickles her. She's a great fan already & knows my stuff in a way that astonishes me.

It's all quite as it should be — and the saner future will be glad we lived, good comrade.

Please send my mother a copy of the Messiah number. She is just back after a winter of visiting.

Kindest thoughts for Mrs. H.
Endless love to you,


Enid recently sent out letters to colleges & universities offering lectures by me. About thirty replies in a week - all favorable thus far. It remains to arrange terms & dates.

After 5 days, return to JOHN G. NEIHARDT, BRANSON, MO.
BRANSON MAR 4 8 - AM 1931 MO.


Dr. Julius T. House, New River State College Montgomery, West Virginia