Dear Comrade:

Bullier and bullier! The latest number is especially good, I think. I'm more than pleased with the editorial stuff, and was particularly impressed by the Oklahoma reminiscence. That's a good job in a good vein.

I'd like to see you free to do as you suggest in your letter. Perhaps it will be so. [Not at?] all impossible. I myself might conceivably be in position to put it over.

More of the sort of indicators I mentioned to you as coming regularly have turned up this week & last. Joseph Alexander writes Hilda that her dad is one of the "greatest" ever. Frank Nudescher, the painter, in conversation with a P-D man, said "the greatest America had ever produced". A man in Ohio, is, he says, raising his boy on my fodder. Etc. It goes on like that, and there are no more things from one part of the country than another.

You really can't suppose I tell you a [part?] of this stuff through vanity & that sort of thing. I tell you so that you may feel more support for your enthusiasm, which means so much to me & which I would certainly discourage if I did not know — and I know — that you will be honored for it when neither of us shall any longer care.

You should visit here. When?

With love always,

After 5 days, return to JOHN G. NEIHARDT BRANSON, MO.
[BRAN?]SON MAR 15 1 - PM 1931 MO.


Dr. J. T. House New River State College, Montgomery, West Virginia